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Mike Adams

Financial Efficiency Expert
Award Winning Real Estate Business Consultant
Marketing Automation Expert/Tech Geek

After years of struggling to figure everything out on my own, I got connected to a group of business owners and real estate investors. It completely changed my life! As a leader, mentor and consultant I show hard working W-2 employees the 3 things that they need to do if they ever want to get out of their jobs or have a shot at financial independence.

Matthew Upton

Serial Entrepreneur
Award Winning Real Estate Business Consultant
WordPress Expert

Being a small business owner and former W-2 employee myself, I know how tough Corporate America can be. I know what it's like to be stressed out over bills, struggling to make all of your payments and sitting in traffic, instead of being at home with your family. I've dedicated my future to helping others live life on their own terms and build wealth through real estate investing and business ownership.

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