Tax Lien & Deed Investing

When the government is owed property taxes, and enough time passes that those property taxes haven’t been paid, it can put a lien on the property and sell that tax lien to private investors.

As the rate of foreclosures rose in recent years, so did the rate of unpaid property taxes, which provides a unique opportunity for real estate investing.

In the United States, tax lien sales are held in 29 states, as well as Washington, D.C. Depending on the county, tax liens can be placed on a property as soon as 45 days after the tax is due, or up to 15 months after the tax is due.

Once the lien is placed, it’s auctioned off to potential investors. The winning bidder will need to pay the past due property taxes, in exchange for an annual interest rate and the ability to gain ownership of the property if the owner doesn’t redeem the property by paying the past due taxes and interest.

The interest rate on tax liens typically is 10-12% per year and can go as high as 18%, depending on the county and state.

Note: tax liens can also be placed on property by the IRS, for past due federal taxes.

For more information on tax liens as a real estate investment opportunity, start by watching this free webinar on real estate investing.

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