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As an Independent Marketing Affiliate (IMA) for the education company, you can leverage word-of-mouth and many other avenues of marketing to share the education and benefit from the rewards of business ownership. The Affiliate Marketing Program allows you to earn a significant commission-based income through this entrepreneurial opportunity.

Once enrolled in the IMA program (at just $125), you are eligible to start making commissions on referrals from $125 up to $10,000, dependent on several factors, including the level of education you purchase yourself, and the level of education you are marketing.

Many students supplement their income as an IMA and it is entirely possible to pay for your entire education in just a few short months of marketing the opportunity to others.

For more information on how to kickstart your real estate investing education and business, sign up today to watch this free real estate investment webinar.

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In order to be successful at real estate investing, you need to get the right real estate investing education. Check out our quick introduction, where you'll learn the 5 Pillars of Wealth. No waiting for the next bootcamp or seminar to blow through town. We'll even show you a way to develop a secondary stream of income while you're learning.